The Rise of the Office Partitions

Sydney is experiencing a new trend. This is a trend that is hitting many office around the Sydney city and possibly across the country. So what is it that is creating so much attention? It’s the rise of the office partitions. A recent trend in the office fit out and design industry that has continued to grow in popularity in office everywhere.

So how have office partitions popularity grown so rapidly in Sydney? As office trends change owners and managers are looking for new, cost effective and stylish office options that meet their changing needs. It is the office partition that meets many needs.

Some of the benefits of office partitions include:

– Cost effective – no longer need to build walls to divide spaces

– Privacy and openness – office partitions give employees an open plan office with the benefits of varying sized partitions to create privacy

– Flattening of hierarchy in an office refurbishment company office- many businesses create an open plan office to reduce the feelings of hierarchies that often culminate. Removing office and giving everyone the same working environment increases the feelings of equality in the workplace.

– Increases social/team interactions – staff members can more easily communicate with each other in an open plan, partitioned office which is great when team communication is vital to productivity.

So if you’re a Sydney based office looking to install your own set of office partitions then there are a few things to think about first. Ask yourself the following questions:

– How many cubicles will you need? This will most often correlate with the number of employees you currently have but also remember to consider employee growth in the future.

– How high do you want your partitions? Think about your employees and what they need – do they need quiet? Privacy? Interaction with other staff? The higher the partition the more privacy. The lower the partition the more open plan your office will be.

– What type of partition is best for you? There is a large variety on the market and it is best to talk to a professional office designer or office fit out company.

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