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It is the dream of many young boys and girls to be able to play basketball someday. Here’s what you need to know to improve your chances of getting onto a team and playing.

Speak with the coaches. In order to compete at a college level in basketball one must be proactive. Go to the recruiters or coaches, do not wait for them to come to you. When you are in high school you should be talking to coaches to show your desire to play under them.  Ask coaches and recruiters to come on out and watch you play, or send them a videotape of your play in a high school basketball game. Make sure that you are aware that you look forward to being part of a winning basketball team. It is the player’s responsibility to get noticed on the court.

Have your high school coach put in a good word for you. Why not try to get your high school basketball coach to talk to them as well? Get him or her to spout off about how great a basketball player you are and what an asset you would be to the team! Try to get even more than one coach to do this. Have them send reference letters to coaches as well as discuss your great skills in person. basketball legends You will improve your chances of playing for college if you have more people pulling for you.

Keep up your skills. Make sure that you are continually working on your skills. Really train hard and practice often – every day, if you can. A player wants to prove to their future college coaches that they are devoted to the sport. College coaches and recruiters will notice the dedication you’ve taken to improve your game techniques.

Get to the tryouts. With some luck, you will get noticed by an interested basketball coach. This is your opportunity to try out for a basketball team or maybe even two! Don’t ever look back from here! Go for it body and soul to show your best skills and techniques on the basketball court as you try out for the team. Always be ready for strong competition but at the same time present a likable attitude while you’re at the tryouts. Your basketball playing abilities and your personality both need to be favorable to the coaches.

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