Forex Trading – 7 Things I Hate About Forex Funnel

People keep talking about this Forex Funnel like it’s the Holy Grail or something. I can’t understand why people are giving praises for it. I for one did not like, in fact, I hate Forex Funnel from the day I bought it. These are the 7 things I hate about Forex Funnel:

1. I hate it when they offer me a 60 day money back guarantee for Forex Funnel. clickfunnels pricing page Who in their right mind would give out such an insane offer? I know I won’t.

2. I hate it when they gave $100 into my live account when I purchased Forex Funnel. Who do they think I am? A poor man who can’t afford $100? Again, it’s insane, I gave them $97 and they gave me 100 bucks, that’s silly. Anyway, their lost.

3. I hate it the way it was so easy to set up. I have a Degree in Information Technology, and yet all my computer skills were not needed, thrown aside like a dirty rag, because it was so easy to set up the Forex Funnel System.

4. I hate it the way it works. I have dedicated years of my free time in learning forex the best I possibly can, and yet all my hard work was not needed by Forex Funnel. I thought I was special, but I’m wrong, everybody who has a brain can work this thing out and make money.

5. I hate it because I envy it. It makes better trades than I do. I used to boast to my wife every time I made a profit (which was seldom). How I impress her much that time. And now, I caught her flirting with Forex Funnel, because it made more profitable trades more than I can, my marriage is ruin.

6. I hate it because it makes money even when I sleep. It’s pretty hard to compete with Forex Funnel. No matter how hard I try and work for money, eventually I need rest. But not for Forex Funnel. It works way harder that I possibly could. 24 hours, 7 days a week, well except on weekends and holidays.

7. I hate waking every morning looking at my PC and see how much money have been made. With its cheeky smile, Forex Funnel, boasting its profitable trades to my face as if to tell me that it’s better than me. How I wish I could strangle it.

But really, with all this hate I have against Forex Funnel, making hundreds of thousand of dollars a year makes up for it. But I will have my revenge on it, eventually.

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