Essential Paint Repair Car Accessories

No matter how careful you are with your car, there’s always something to take its toll on the paint work. Whether it’s a trolley in a car park, an unfortunate incident at traffic lights, or an errand movement of a door, there is always something about to damage your car’s paintwork. However, don’t despair; there are some great paint repair car accessories that can keep your car looking at its best, even after an unfortunate little incident.

Scratch Repair Kits

These kits are perfect for small scrapes and dents and allow you to touch up the little problems caused by loose chippings and other issues. These kits are easily applied, cost little and ensure your car looks its best, even after an unfortunate event.


Body filler is used with a range of cars and comes in a range of different materials. It can be Industrial Paint used in a wide variety of applications, from filling in small dents to repairing bumpers and is an easily applicable, quick fix for a number of problems.

Spray Paints

The spray paint can is one of the necessities every car owner should have and it’s not too hard to find the exact colour you need. Spray paint is a very versatile car accessory that can be used alone, or along with a range of other repair jobs. Most large paint manufacturer’s spray cans match car manufacturer’s numbers and are easy to apply neatly, once you follow the instructions.

Car Paint Restorer

Time takes its toll on car accessories – just as it does on the rest of us. Unfortunately, for us, paint restorer doesn’t do the job for in the same way as it does for your car paint. Paint restorer wonderfully removes blemishes, scratches and also can rid a car of dulling caused by surface oxidation – leaving your car looking brand new and with a great looking shine.

Metal and Anti Rust Paint

Rust and oxidation can really take their toll on a car and its metal and in bad and untreated cases be the ruination of a car. By using metal and anti-rust paint you can prevent oxidisation from setting in and destroying an area of a car. This car accessory comes in a range of colours and has a wide range of applications – ensuring your car looks great forever, no matter how old – it’s just a shame they don’t have a similar treatment for humans.

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